Car history in the Blockchain

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Presentation ClickAuto
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ClickAuto – reliable vehicle history
Total bounty pool PreSale ICO is 1 million AutoCash (ClickAuto), equivalent to $50,000 allocated for the following campaigns:

Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar - 25% ($12,500 USD in AutoCash )
  • BitcoinTalk signature, discussions and avatar campaign
Social Media
  • Twitter - 10% ($5,000 USD in AutoCash )
  • Facebook – 10% ($5,000 USD in AutoCash )
Creative rewards – 25% ($12,500 USD in AutoCash )
  • Publish news articles, blogs, YouTube, infographics, etc.
Translation, Moderation and community management – 25% ($12,500 USD in AutoCash )
  • Website review White Paper, etc
  • Help answer questions, or posts in different languages or outside working hours in the UK
Other - 5% ($2,500 USD in AutoCash )
  • Owners of Social Networks or the Owners of the information subscriptions. Contact us at info@clickauto.club for discussion of the remuneration
  • Bitcointalk Signature, Avatar and a discussion of the bounty pool

Learn more about BOUNTY campaign ClickAuto can be found here

Discount AutoCash:
28.08.2017 50% discount on AutoCash;
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Selling tokens is stopped when reaching the CAP of $250,000

ClickAuto – reliable vehicle history

The ClickAuto platform is an ecosystem that forms a transparent history of the car by combining in a single chain all the representatives of the life of the car that helps:

Тhe car
Тhe seller
of the car
State services
get a transparent history of the car with the help of a service providing the history of car maintenance in BLOCKCHAIN
to increase the demand and the value of his car by keeping the history of his car in BLOCKCHAIN
increase profits by gaining new customers and fixing them with themselves through the introduction of a service that concentrates motorists, a smart marketing module and enabling the ability of their customers to record a service history in BLOCKCHAIN
electronic document management (electronic vehicle registration document), reduce the time of data exchange between departments and structural units, through the introduction of a distributed database in BLOCKCHAIN

Solving of users task

For each group of users there are a number of advantages of using the service ClickAuto

To the car buyer the service is convenient for:
  • Verifying transparent car history from anywhere in the world in just a few clicks;
  • Reception of a service of one window at registration of the car / reception of an insurance policy / payment of obligatory payments, penalties, taxes

To the seller of the car service is convenient for:
  • Receiving quality services from certified partners;
  • Management a transparent history of the car and increasing the demand and cost of his car in the secondary market;
  • Getting a guarantor from the partner's service about the authenticity of the car's history;
  • Getting the best offers on the market from project partners

To certified partners service is convenient for:
  • Increasing of profits by holding the motorist, by providing a guarantee of transparency of history for serving customers;
  • Providing a transparent history record service to customers;
  • Attracting new customers;
  • Receiving feedback from customers

To state services service is convenient for:
  • Introduction of electronic document management (electronic vehicle registration document);
  • Collection and processing data of cars;
  • Agitation work with motorists;
  • Instantaneous data exchange between departments;
  • Receiving complaints and suggestions

Release of ClickAuto tokens

Crowd sale of tokens is not available to citizens and residents of the US and Canada

Fundraising and emission of tokens СlickAuto designed to finance:
  • Development of a decentralized registry based on the Ethereum platform and payment service, and concomitant software;
  • Marketing and advertising of ClickAuto service;
  • Optimization of the service to the national characteristics of other countries;
  • Organization of representative offices of the company in 12 countries of the world

ClickAuto will release the maximum fixed number of tokens equal to 100 million AutoCach tokens based on the WAVES platform:
  • 2% reserved for BOUNTY company;
  • 5% reserved for bonuses on Presale ICO;
  • 5% reserved for bonuses on the SEED round ICO;
  • 10% are reserved for bonuses to participants within the ClickAuto system;
  • 25% reserved for team and project partners;
  • 53% are reserved for sale in three rounds of ICO
You can buy tokens from 28.08.2017 on the WAVES DEX exchange

Tokens are a means of payment in the system, to pay for goods and services

The ClickAuto tokens are an asset of the company. The company distributes 20% of net income. Among all owners of AutoCach tokens proportionally. 15% of the company's net income. Will bе sent to buy tokens at market value quarterly

Stages of ICO

1. Pre-sale (August 2017)
At this stage, 5 million AutoCash will be sold. Cap - $ 250,000. Cost 1 AutoCash = $ 0.05 The collected funds will be used to prepare the ClickAuto service for public launch, marketing, and ICO seed-round preparation. Distribution of funds will take place by bringing in ESCROW

2. ICO seed-round (October 2017)
On ICO seed-round will be sold 20 million AutoCash. Cap- $ 5,000,000. Cost 1 AutoCash = $ 0.25. The collected funds will go to the development of a distributed register based on Ethereum, the development of a payment system within the network, the development of related software, product marketing and connection of partners in 35 cities in Russia. Distribution of funds will take place by bringing in ESCROW

3. ICO (May 2018)
On the ICO will be sold 28 million AutoCash. Cap- $ 9,800,000. Cost 1 AutoCash = $ 0.35. Translation of business logic to blockchain. Optimization of the service for national peculiarities of countries, opening representative offices, opening representative offices in Brazil, Korea, China, Singapore, India, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, Finland, Germany and global marketing. Distribution of funds will take place by bringing in ESCROW

The market and the industry

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Below are some figures

  • According to the results of research by the company «Wards Auto», there were already more than 980 million cars in the world in 2010
  • According to the consulting company 'LMC Automotive' for 2016, 93 million new cars were sold in the world
  • In Russia, in 2016, 1.4 million new cars were sold in accordance with the Association of European Businesses AEB
  • On February 2016, the State Automobile Inspectorate of Russia registered more than 44 million cars, over 6 million trucks, 890,000 buses, 2.2 million units of motor transport and more than 3 million trailers and semitrailers. Which is more than 56 million vehicles
  • According to the company LeasePlan cost of ownership of the car in different countries ranges from 364 euro to 708 euro per month
  • Most of cost of car maintenance is spent on repairs - 37% of all spending. Another significant part is made up of taxes - 20% of the total amount, another 13% goes for insurance and 9% for scheduled maintenance, which includes preparation for the winter season. Thus, only 16% remains for fuel
  • According to LeasePlan, in Russia the weighted average monthly costs for the car are 468 euro. In 35 cities of Russia with a population of more than 500 thousand people, the number of auto service exceeds 25600 according to the information service 2GIS
  • According to the analytical agency 'AutoStat' the number of car dealers in Russia in January 2017 was about 3800 units

Profit formation of ClickAuto

ClickAuto plans to receive 1% from certified partners from providing access to the blockchain registry for entering data into the system about car maintenance. What is in different countries and different periods of life of the car is $ 0.38-3.84 per month. At the rate of 12/08/2017. And also ClickAuto plans to receive income from partner programs with automakers, and other market participants. Sales of advertising space in the structural units of the TV show, Automobile magazine, marketing within the mobile application

Calculation of Economy
1Profit from a unit in US dollars (marginal revenue, participate in the calculation of only variable costs) 1,9$Average monthly profit from one car in the system
2Estimated number of clients in the region 1 000 000 000Number of cars in the world
3Estimated number of clients in the region 56 000 000Number of registered cars in Russia
4Our market share% 1,5In the moment
5Potential number of our clients 840 000Today
6Number of purchases in the system 1212 months a year
7The potential of the market segment 1 900 000 000$Monthly turnover
8Potential of our share 1 596 000,00$Monthly turnover
9Customer acquisition channel 70,00%Direct sales (connection of a partner company)
10Cost of 1 client in the channel 0,9$
  1. 650 $ salary of the sales manager
  2. 550 $ salary of the marketing specialist
  3. 1500 $ travel / transportation / operating expenses
  4. Number of partners involved per month 3
  5. The cost of attracting one partner 900 $
  6. On average, one partner serves 1,000 cars per month
11Channel costs per year 756 000,00$
12Channel 2, share in % 30%Product Marketing
13Cost of 1 client in the channel 7,9$Creation of Informational occasion about the product (Internet / TV / press)
14Channel costs per year 2 000 000
15Channel costs per year 2 756 000,00$Management and marketing costs
16Profit per segment per year 16 396 000,00$In Russia now


Currently, the clickAuto service is available at ClickAuto.club, ClickAuto.info, and in google play

Plan of upcoming events:


The ClickAuto team has more than 10 years experience in creating business structures of various elaboration levels. Besides that we have more than 7 years of experience in working in the field of mobile technologies. The project team consists of 12 people

Key employees:

Stepan Mukhotin, CEO
Director of marketing
In 2011 founded the Viscose silk Party Company Limited that is focused on flocking services. Managed to achieve the business automatization and made a subsequent enterprise sale. In 2012 organized the marketing department functioning from scratch in the VirtMarket LLC that dealt with creation of commercial websites. Created an original system of cooperation with clients. The marketing investments efficiency ratio as of 2014 made 1,3 in comparison with 0,2 as of 2013. Making the market′s environment analysis, development of strategies and marketing budgets. The development of the integrated marketing plan of the company′s growth is in the achievements list. In 2016 founded the AutoClick LLC. At the moment the CEO is involved in the company′s development marketing strategy creation, competitive environment analysis, SWOT-analysis, sales department creation, advertising activities management, staff recruitment, training and adaptation. Created such brands as «Stix», «VirtMarket», and «ClickAuto». The maximum amount of employees is 20 people
Artyom Prutovykh, CTO
Technical director and a partner of the project
From 2008 to 2013 he was head of the IT Department at OJSC «RUSSIA». From 2013 to 2014, the head of the IT department in OOO Strategy. From 2015 - 2016, the commercial director of the Krasnoyarsk subsidiary MP Gemino Oy (a Finnish company, export and processing of sawn timber). More than 7 years of practical experience in the development of Web projects, applications related to mobile devices. Since January 2017, he headed the development department of ClickAuto
Timofey Memnonov
The head of promotion department
Had been holding a position of Siberian Federal University television film director from 2007 to 2012. The creator and thought leader of «Invarts» company, which is focused on making commercial video and branding local and Russian companies. His company became part of TOP city media production enterprises in 2015
Semyon Kaparushkin, COO
The chief operating officer and a partner of the project
Established an advertising agency «Leviy Bereg» LLC in 2007, and was developing it till 2010. In 2013 became a partner of the building and construction department «KIT-Invest» specializing in building and selling building supplies. Took a lead on operation administration and business development, launched the company at the international market. In 2015 became the founder and partner of the «Sibir Partner Construction» company in Mongolia. Has become a member of ClickAuto team in January 2017
Alexey Ivanov
Head of IT Department
Entrepreneur, network engineer, specialist in the field of performing entrepreneurial activities. Has been developing the major providers in Krasnoyarsk (OrionTelecom, RightSide, etc.) since 2003. At the moment is the founder and head of «Vozduh» LLC, the company that delivers telecommunication services, advertising implementation services, services for users of public Wi-Fi networks, users identification services in accordance with legal requirements. Has been contributing to ClickAuto project development as a consultant, development and IT lead. The project′s partner
Mikhail Aleshin
Programmer, network engineer
Since 2011, he has developed skills in programming and design. He graduated with honors from the IT School of Samsung in the direction of «Programming applications for Android OS.» He participated in numerous competitions of projects, such as Soft-Parade. Since 2015, he studied the Guideline design and the practice of creating Android applications. In the period from 2015 to 2016 he cooperated with companies from different cities of Russia, such as OOO OKVANN, IP Sledizastroikoy. Since May, 2016 participates in the creation of LLC «AutoClick»
Dmitry Sodomov
From 2015 - 2017 year was a leading developer in the company «VirtMarket». In June 2017 Joined the ClickAuto team, and now is a universal developer, mainly specializes in server part. He took an active part in the development of the concept of the ClickAuto platform and its implementation


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